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KFA Business School was established in the year 2009, with a mission to produce world-class human resources through its education services. With 23 years of experience in the knowledge spectrum, KFA has been successful in coming up with concepts and teaching pedagogies to best suit the needs and requirements of the students and the industry they have chosen to build their careers in. 

With the objective of delivering the academic curriculum in a way that exceeds the academic expectations of the students, KFA has introduced MBA+ with 12 Pillars, BHM with 10 Pillars, BCS.IT with 9 Pillars and BBA with 7 Pillars. These Pillars have been developed through a rigorous process of analyzing the present scenario of the economy and business, and through close observation and study of the global and national market trends, in order to ensure that the students do not just get an academic degree, but develop the skills and abilities that will help them outshine in the market. 



KFA has introduced MBA+ with 12 Pillars, designed to transform students into star Managers and Entrepreneurs, through a comprehensive process of imparting knowledge that is not just based on the theoretical curriculum, but also on the real-world business scenario.



KFA’s BHM with 10 Pillars is a unique concept that is based on the perfect blend between the theoretical and practical aspects of learning. It is designed to meet the knowledge and competencies required for those who have chosen a career in the hospitality industry.



KFA's BCS.IT with 9 Pillars has been designed to equip students with knowledge and skills for building competencies required to become star IT professionals and managers by helping them understand theoretical concepts through real-time practical assignments.



KFA's BBA program with 7 Pillars is a comprehensive and forward-looking academic endeavor that blends theory with practical application. Over the course of your studies, you will delve into the fundamental facets of business, from management and marketing to finance and entrepreneurship. With a curriculum meticulously crafted to reflect the evolving industry landscape, you will gain insights that resonate with the modern business world.

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