Bachelor in Hospitality Management


Bachelor in Hospitality Management

KFA’s BHM with 10 Pillars is a unique concept that is based on the perfect blend between the theoretical and practical aspects of learning. It is designed to meet the knowledge and competencies required for those who have chosen a career in the hospitality industry.

Voice of Faculty

“At KFA, we develop global leaders and entrepreneurs by focusing on multidimensional aspects of education, where students are thrived and encouraged by inter-disciplinary approaches through experiential learning.”

~ Mr. Vinod Joshi, Faculty of Retail Management, Academic Professor, MBA

“One of the best things about KFA is the course structure where we have a combination of theoretical and practical classes. Our course is designed in such a way that the students learn about a certain topic, and post that, we have a practical session which will help the students understand and go through the real life scenarios that they are going to face in the hospitality profession"

~ Ms. Shruti Jha, Faculty of Hospitality English (BHM)

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